75 Hard: A Gift That Changed My Life

Every Christmas, I cherish the time spent with my family, knowing these moments are becoming rarer as life moves forward. Last Christmas, amidst the cold and rain, I received an unexpected gift from my sister—a gift that has truly transformed my life.

She introduced me to 75 Hard, a challenge she had undertaken with a community of people committed to personal growth. She described it as tough yet immensely rewarding, and I was immediately intrigued.

75 Hard is straightforward: stick to a diet, drink a gallon of water daily, no cheat meals or alcohol for 75 days, exercise twice daily (one session outside), read daily, and take progress photos. Simple rules, but challenging commitments.

However, Listening to podcasts and exploring content from its founder, Andy Frisella, I learned about his intense approach to accountability and his emphasis on uncompromising commitment. His mantra of “don’t cheat, don’t modify” resonated deeply.

(Warning – lots of cussing. So if that bothers you, you can skip the podcast.)

Back to the Gift.

When my sister told me about this and how it had impacted her, I was in! I committed to this program and my wife and were aligned and stared Jan 1, 2024.

It was hard. In fact, the water was more annoying than I thought (harder for a stomachless person) but I figured it out (add electrolytes). Working out outside was annoying sometimes. I started rucking with 35 lbs. That helped. But when it was cold and raining, it just sucked. Working out everyday included days that sucked as well. Not eating ice cream and candy wasn’t hard for me. Not drinking wasn’t hard either.  Andy has created the 75 Hard app and that helped keep me on track.  It was like $7 but worth it.

Here’s what I learned along the way:

  1. It’s not for everyone: 75 Hard demands discipline and resilience.
  2. Support is crucial: Having my wife’s backing made a significant difference.
  3. Do it with friends: Shared suffering makes the journey easier.
  4. Plan meticulously: Preparation is key to staying on course.
  5. Have a clear ‘Why’: Knowing my reasons kept me motivated through tough times.
  6. Prioritize recovery: Protein and sleep are essential for sustaining energy.

My personal ‘Why’ was twofold: to maintain fitness without race pressure and to break my habit of daily drinking. These goals kept me focused and driven.

In conclusion, 75 Hard isn’t just a fitness challenge; it’s a transformative experience. It pushed me to new limits physically and mentally, fostering habits that have enhanced my role as a husband and father. While not without its challenges, the rewards of improved mental toughness, confidence, and self-discipline are invaluable.

If you’re considering 75 Hard, approach it with commitment and a strong support system. It may just be the gift that changes your life, as it did mine.

After 75 Hard was finished, I committed to keep my “no drinking streak” going and also workout at least 30 minutes a day.