Stomachless Ironman 70.3

Hey Ya’ll

I have an exciting announcement! I’m going to be racing in an IRONMAN 70.3 Triathlon.

Event Details:
IRONMAN 70.3 – Wilmington, NC 10/13/2018
1.2 Mile Swim
56 Mile Bike
13.1 Mile Run
Goal time – sub 5:30:00

Today is my birthday and I’m really excited about this race and the support of all my family and friends as we try to raise money and awareness for No Stomach For Cancer. I have yet to do a race like this without a stomach and I’m sure it won’t be easy. Please join me in fundraising efforts and share this page!

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No stomach for cancer

Total gastrectomy

8/21/2018 – Thirty-Three Weeks Post Total Gastrectomy

Finished my 4th triathlon of the season and achieved another personal best. I shaved another 20 seconds off and finished in 1:06:23. The distance was 600y swim, 12m bike, 3m run.  I ended up getting third for the race and second overall for the series. I’m pretty happy with the races this year as my goal was to beat my times from last year when I had a stomach and apparently stomach cancer. Goal achieved.

Now – next step – IRONMAN 70.3 in Wilmington North Carolina October 13th


This is really exciting, but also a bit concerning.  Since getting rid of my stomach, I can’t train as often as I used to because my muscles get sore and I don’t want to “overdo it”. My goal is to beat my last years’ time of 5:37:20. I would love to get sub 5:30:00. More details as we get closer.


I’ll keep everyone posted with my journey.

My Morning 690 Calorie Shake

Many people have been contacting me asking how I am able to keep weight on while training for triathlon. It does take planning and a lot of effort. Just like dieting requires a plan, keeping weight does too.

I use a watch to remind myself when I should drink and eat. It has an alarm (nerd alert)

Disclaimer: this worked for me after 3 months or so. IT DID NOT WORK BEFORE THAT. Shortly after my surgery, these type of shakes made me very crampy, so I did them sparingly. However, after my body continued to adjust, I was able to “stomach” (hehe) the whole shake. It does take about 2 hours to drink. However, 690 calories in an hour is not easy to do in the beginning. And I barley have the real estate in my intestines to consume the whole shake as it is. Please go slow – and remember – everyone is different.

690 Calorie morning shake

10 oz almond milk

1 scoop protein powder

1 scoop weight gainer (naked brand)

1/2 frozen banana

1T peanut butter

Blend and enjoy (again – drink slowly)!

I hope it works for you!

8/2/2018 – Thirty Weeks Post Total Gastrectomy

I have great news.

Sunday, I raced in my third triathlon post total gastrectomy. I scored a personal best time, beating my fasted time pre-surgery, and got 2nd in my age group.

I have been working hard to get to this place and it felt incredible reaching this goal. There were times early in my recovery that I seriously doubted I would ever race again. Thank God those feelings are gone.

I have some exciting goals and plans on the horizon. Stays tuned!