Save our Stomachs Fundraiser Feb 25 2023

This weekend I traveled to the chilly Madison WI to help host a fundraiser for a very important initiate called Save Our Stomachs. Please click on the link to learn more. The short of it – this is an incredible opportunity to create an endowment fund and fund important CDH1 Gene Mutation Related research in perpetuity!

This picture is a group of “stomachless warriors” that are so special to me! We had a blast and raised a lot of money. Totals are still being worked but check the status here:

IRONMAN Chattanooga 2023

I’m thrilled to announce that I have registered for the IRONMAN Chattanooga in September 2023.

You might already know, but an IRONMAN Triathlon is a 2.4 Mile Swim, 116 Mile bike ride, 26.2 Mile Run. Totaling in 144.6 miles. I’m doing this race to keep the focus on doing hard things without a stomach and hopefully inspire others to do the same. A growth mindset is healthy mindset.

This will be my first full IRONMAN and preparation is already underway.

I’ll try and post more here or somewhere. Stay tuned!

Follow along here:

Spotlight On Stomach Cancer – Sept 17 2022

No Stomach for Cancer is hosting the first Spotlight since Covid. Details are below and I hope you see you there!


Additionally – I’m looking forward to some exciting initiatives and goals for the future. I’m still planning and working through everything but hope to formally announce something in the next few months and be more active on updating this blog.

Thanks! Keep your head up.

I’m Still Here! 22 Months since last post.

It’s only been 22 Months or so. We survived a pandemic, I have a new job, our family welcomed a new dog, and life seems busier than ever. Sorry for the lack of posting but I guess I’m here to say – things are nearly back to normal. I forget I don’t have a stomach most days. I’m still active and plan on running a half marathon with my wife next month. If you’re reading this – keep fighting. No matter what your battling – Keep Fighting.

10 Days Until IRONMAN 70.3

Excited and nervous that IM70.3 is only 10 days away. I plan on one last long session on Saturday then I’ll taper down next week. To bring new readers up to speed, this is my first long race without a stomach. Must of the nutrition and race day game plan has been untested. However – I feel good about the plan that is in place and has worked well with my training days.

Stay tuned! I’ll post a link to track my live race times when it becomes available. Thank you for reading and reaching out with encouragement. It means more than you know.

See you in June?

FREE Spotlight on #StomachCancer with University of Chicago Medicine in Chicago Illinois, Sat June 1-  8am-2pm with live music from @christrapper starting at 5:30pm. Register here: #nostomachforcancer #cdh1 #HDGC @nostomach4cancr

This event is free and there are still cheap hotels around the area. Let me know if you have questions!