My Morning 690 Calorie Shake

Many people have been contacting me asking how I am able to keep weight on while training for triathlon. It does take planning and a lot of effort. Just like dieting requires a plan, keeping weight does too.

I use a watch to remind myself when I should drink and eat. It has an alarm (nerd alert)

Disclaimer: this worked for me after 3 months or so. IT DID NOT WORK BEFORE THAT. Shortly after my surgery, these type of shakes made me very crampy, so I did them sparingly. However, after my body continued to adjust, I was able to “stomach” (hehe) the whole shake. It does take about 2 hours to drink. However, 690 calories in an hour is not easy to do in the beginning. And I barley have the real estate in my intestines to consume the whole shake as it is. Please go slow – and remember – everyone is different.

690 Calorie morning shake

10 oz almond milk

1 scoop protein powder

1 scoop weight gainer (naked brand)

1/2 frozen banana

1T peanut butter

Blend and enjoy (again – drink slowly)!

I hope it works for you!