10/10/2017 – surgical oncologist tomorrow

I’m meeting with a surgical oncologist on Wednesday which was the “next step” after finding out I have HDGC. Between being sore from the race and thinking about my upcoming appointment Wednesday, I couldn’t sleep last night. I rarely have sleeping issues. Matter of fact, I can sleep almost anywhere. Something has to be really bugging me for me to lose sleep.
I’m excited about today, however, because I have a call today with the founder of No Stomach For Cancer. I’m excited to hear her feedback. She wants to give me tips and information about things I should know before my appointment tomorrow. I feel at peace speaking with people who have done this before. She went down this road 10 years ago and created No Stomach For Cancer because there was such little information and help during her diagnosis. Thank God for her. I can’t imagine figuring this out without nostomachforcancer.org.
I’m starting to accept the fact that I’m going to have to get my stomach removed. It still sounds crazy to me.  It also sounds crazy to people when I tell them what’s going on. They say things like, “Can’t you just live a healthy lifestyle?”. I wish it were that easy. According to the publications, I have been reading, my gene mutation has created a situation that a healthy lifestyle cannot prevent.  I’m trying to figure out how to educate those around me without being too much of a nerd. I also know that this is a tough topic and difficult to understand.
Hopeful for a great meeting tomorrow.

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