10/19/2017 – Tired but need to talk

My wife and I feel there are not enough hours in the day to talk through the amount of logistics and details for the upcoming surgery (1/6/2018).  We have three lovely kids (ages 7, 5, and 2). They take after their daddy (me, duh) in many ways.  Two ways they are like me: (1) awful dad jokes (I mean amazing dad jokes) and (2) super high energy.


Hotel for 2 weeks(ish)

Flights to NYC

Who is staying with my wife in the hotel (my recovery room is a shared room and doesn’t allow overnight visitors)

Who will be keeping my lovely three children for two weeks? (This is probably the biggest challenge).

Will they have cable so I can watch the Chiefs play? (Jk, but seriously..)

Thus – when the kids are awake, my wife and I can’t really talk about serious life issues like removing an organ so I don’t get cancer.  Those conversations have to come at 8:00 pm when the kids are asleep. But then – we are so tired from our day. (She homeschools and I work a technology/software sales job).  We make it happen though. It’s hard, and every night we feel like we are overwhelmed. I keep reminding us both, let’s make small steps every day.  79 days left.. oh boy.



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