12/6/2017 The last 30 days

I’ll be traveling to NYC Jan 4th and have pre-op on Jan 5th with Surgery Jan 6th. Time is flying by and I’m unsure if I’m prepared for this. I have gained about 15 pounds as I have been enjoying food and adding some extra weight. Some patients lose 20% of their body weight due to the change of having no stomach so I figured a few extra pounds will not matter. It’s shocking how bad I feel while I eat a lot of unhealthy foods and gain weight. I’m looking forward to eating healthy again soon. I have great support from family and friends. I’m spending a week or so with my family in Missouri over Christmas and it should be a great time for rest and fun with the family.

Today, my Uncle is having a prophylactic total gastrectomy at St. Mary’s in Rocheste, MN. I’m hopeful he will make a full recovery. My mom is having surgery Jan 10th at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in STL. It’s great to have people around me that are doing the same process. I’m praying we all make a full recovery.

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