10/30/2017 – Kicking off the Stomach Farewell Tour

Whoa. I went to a Halloween party at our neighbors’ house on Saturday night and ate so much I nearly became sick. I have been enjoying food these last few days, but perhaps I’m overdoing it. I might have to calm down a bit.

I keep telling my wife and friends I’m on the “Stomach Farewell Tour”. 68 days left

I finally got my blog/website up (you obviously know this), but I have been keeping my thoughts and updates via a notebook. As I listed in my “About Me”, the purpose for this blog is to document this journey and hopefully provide useful information to others as they might have to go through this or support family members who are doing through this. So – Stay tuned and I’ll keep it brief and informative. ?

I’m going to eat some candy tomorrow. Last Halloween with a stomach!



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