11/14/2017 – Halls Chophouse

My wife and I went to Halls Chophouse last night to enjoy some high-quality steak since I’m unsure if I’ll be able to stomach it after the surgery. (See what I did there?). It was amazing as usual.

I can’t believe it’s 53 days until surgery. It’s approaching very quickly. I’m trying to prepare mentally and spiritually while enjoying food as much as I can.  I have come to realize I need to continue to exercise up until the surgery date as I feel gross when I don’t. So – I ran 2 miles today. Felt fine.

I have an endoscopy next week. Should be interesting. I’m sure the report will be negative as that is what they expect with HDGC patients.  It would be very bad news if it wasn’t negative.

I’m finally caught up on here, so the days I write should be the days I post. I hope I can keep it going.

See you soon,


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