1/4/2018 – Travel to NYC

Today is the travel day to NYC from SC.

Welp – Charleston South Carolina received a rare 6-8 inches of snow yesterday. Bridges nearly everywhere have been closed. The Airport is also closed and looks to be closed for several days due to the lack of equipment to de-snow the runway. All flights out of Charleston have been cancelled through Monday.

I’m having my brother-in-law take us over a bridge in his truck (he has a medical pass to help transport people in poor weather) and we are going to take my father-in-law’s truck to Charlotte and catch a flight tonight to NYC.

NYC is having Blizzard conditions. Many flights have been canceled.

Arrive in Charlotte and our NYC flight was cancelled. Rescheduled for tomorrow morning at 9am. I’m going to call the Doctor and see if we can have a later pre-opp meeting tomorrow.

Flights canceled tomorrow! Reschedule for Sunday. That will not work as surgery is Saturday. Dr. Yoon called me to do his Q&A over the phone so I can arrive later tomorrow for pre-op. (4:30pm appt).

Leaving our Hotel that we just paid for (I later called and got a refund) to drive to Charlotte Airport and speak with Delta about options. Thinking of flying to Philly then take a later train. Never done this before but hope to figure it out.

A very nice lady at Delta switched all our flights and we are heading to Cincinnati, then to DC in hopes to catch a train to NYC.

We made it to DC without issues! It’s like 2 degrees with 15 mph winds. Much different than Charleston weather.

Made it to the train station. Just missed the last train. Darn. Next train is 3:15am with a 6:45 arrival. I guess we are doing to stay at the train station and wait for our train. Tickets for 4 people was just under $500. 3 other trains have been canceled so praying we are not canceled.

It’s cold in this train station. I have on all my winter clothes and I’m still a bit cold. This is my first train experience and it’s different than I imagined. So far – no canceled train but there are no employees around to get updates. I really pray we make it to NYC in time. Rescheduling this surgery would be very hard for everyone. We are going to one of the best Doctors who are very busy (Dr. Yoon) and my wife did a great job figuring who will keep our kids while we are away. Having to change or extend the trip would be very difficult.

Running out of snacks and there are not many options Gluten free at 1am. I choose to go to MCD and get a bacon egg biscuit, but hold the biscuit. Tasted like MCD.

Very strange experience, but we are on the train! They made us line up then once they opened the door, we had to talk like 200 yards to our train and it’s a big free for all. We are at the front of a section that has 4 seats. I’m getting excited!

Almost to NYC. This train is freezing and we sat by a light that is very bright. Also, I have no idea how people are sleeping on this thing.

WE MADE IT! Wow. NYC is busy. First time to NYC and it’s living up to what I imagined. I saw a few things in the train station that I’ll keep to myself. (insert surprised look emoji) Let’s just say I’m dying to catch an UBER and get to the hotel.

At the hotel! 22 hours of traveling. Boy am I tired! Going to take a nap before the pre-op at 4:30.

Awake and just got some Thai Food from Lucious Thai (Upper East Side). This is the best Thai Food I have ever eaten. Amazing. Also very hot.

Pre-opp took a while, but we are done. Now I’ll spend some time with family before arriving at 5:30am for surgery. Hope I sleep well. They gave me medicine to take at 12am to help me relax in the morning.

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