1/6/2018 Surgery Day

Arrived at the hospital (Sloan Kettering) at 5:30am and things went rather quickly. Everyone has been sweet so far. The Doctor gave me some medication to take at mid-night which helped me relax and it sure did. I felt really tired and relaxed.

Epidural. I was worried about this. I nearly passed out when my wife got the epidural for the birth of our first child, but the medication helps a lot. I remember leaning forward on the table, and that’s it. ?

Surgery went well and lasted a little over 3 hours. I don’t really remember talking to my family but I suspect my jokes were still great.

Recovery. Strange feeling looking under the gown and seeing my new wound and other things that go on during surgery. Pain meds seem to work well. I have a bit of a sore throat my chest hurts from where they did surgery. I’ll try and rest.


Chiefs lost in the playoff. They played a horrible 2nd half. 3rd year in a row we lose like this.. bummer.

I really want to talk but I tried to sit up and it hurt very bad and almost made me sick. I’ll try tomorrow.

Feel nauseous so they decreased my epidural by 1/2 (found out the next morning).

10pm -7am
Spent all night trying to figure out how to sleep. I was in a lot of pain and not comfortable. I don’t know what to do….. I pray this gets better.


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